Cookies and Privacy Settings

As from 25 May 2018 European General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 ("GDPR") has come into force for all the websites accessible in European Union region. United Kingdom is a signatory to these documents and as such you must be aware of the facts and laws regarding your privacy and data collected by our website.

Please note that despite the fact that UK is leaving EU shortly, it is unlikely that this regulation will be revoked. However we will update our website if such changes occur.

When you enter our website for the first time you will notice a banner asking for your permission to add cookies and log your activity inside the site.

By law we have to maintain data supplied by you and cookie details for 6 months even after you have removed your permission or deleted your user profile.


  • You may revoke this permission at anytime or delete any cookie we added to your computer. There is a permanent link at the bottom of home page enabling you to do so.
  • We are not responsible for any third party links, cookies or data collection activities used by external links in this site, user supplied links in the forums or data collected by browsers and search engines such as Google, Micrososft, etc.

Cookies we use are;

  • Your permission to enable Cookies
  • Visitors tracking which basically lists pages you visited on our website
  • Third party Cookies such as Google search engine, Google Analytics, Google Maps, etc.

At no time do we record information from your computer or other activities in your browser. We only record minimum information required by law as described in the links on this page.

What are Cookies

Simply these are very small text files containing information needed to run the site smoothly. For example, when you accept the GDPR rule Cookie, a small text file (Cookie) is created indicating your consent.

Each browser uses their own format and you may see the permission requested again if you switch browser. Also Cookies are stored per computer so if you access the site from another computer, your permission is requested again.

How to get rid of Cookies

Our site has a permanent link at the bottom of home page, giving you option to remove Cookies or enable Cookies again.

Please note that these are only Cookies supplied for GDPR laws and not any third party or other website Cookies.

How to get rid of all Cookies

There are lots of tools available on the internet and also most browsers have facilities to delete ALL Cookies, legally we cannot help you with their usage as they may have adverse effects on running your computer and there are just too many of them. 

Search the web for such tools or those related to your particular browser.

What about other information

As mentioned earlier we also log your activities on the website such as visited pages and clicks you make ONLY on our website.

We will delete the information we have about you after 6 months of your visit.

For third party Cookies and data logging please see their own site rules and regulations.

Data Protection Act

You are entitled to have a copy of all the information this website keeps about you. (ONLY this website).

To request a copy of the information we hold on you, please contact our Data Protection Officer. Please note that currently we charge £50 administration fee for such requests.

However you can easily check for yourself by checking your user computer browser cookies. There are many tools available to help you with this task.

After 6 months of your last visit, all data we hold will be entirely removed.

Other information are inside Cookies that you can easily delete as mentioned earlier.

Read more about GDPR here: