Based in the South West of England, Equinox Technical Solutions Ltd. specialises in the provision and the implementation of bespoke Technical & Management solutions for a range of industries.

Equinox Technical Solutions was originally conceived under the banner of Equinox Technical Services as a Manufacturing Advisory Service business in 1997 (the original MAS). Initially, the role was to interact with clients for the purpose of translating their operational “real life” situations into a format suitable for use in “virtual life” modelling. An increasing interest in our capabilities led to the expansion of activities within the business and ultimately, to the formation and incorporation of Equinox Technical Solutions Ltd., as a more diverse business in 2001. The company continues to enjoy the benefits of the combined expertise, which is available internally and externally through a well-established network of expert professional resources, and high quality suppliers.


Equinox Technical Solutions Ltd. is a knowledge based consultancy, and benefits from the input of many highly experienced professionals, and specialists. We are a hub and a single point of contact for a vast pool of knowledge and experience in a variety of subjects. The following diagram is a simple representation of the operating principle of our business.

Since its inception in 1997, Equinox Technical Solutions Ltd., the sister company, Equisonics Ltd. (since 2010), and the network of experts have delivered solutions in an expanding list of countries, worldwide.

Simple Solutions to Complex Problems