Services & Benefits

Project & Interim Management

  • Project & Interim Management services are offered to clients who are seeking to complement their existing Resources or Services during the implementation of specific business objectives, including start-up and/or relocation of their manufacturing operation, or simply during the recruitment process for permanent staff.

Research, Design & Development

  • Operational Process Design & Development services focus on the Identification, Design and Implementation of new processes, or improvements in order to Enhance Productivity, Reduce Cost and/or achieve the required Quality & Safety Standards. These services could incorporate activities such as:
    • Specialised Equipment & Process Automation
    • Workstation Design & Ergonomics
    • Logistics & Handling
    • Floor layout
    • Process Validation
  • Product Design & Development services are available for product refinement in order to Improve Quality, Safety, Reduce Cost and Delivery Time. These services include the provision of design techniques such as:
    • QFD (Quality Function Deployment)
    • FMEA (Failure Mode Effects Analysis)
    • FTA (Fault Tree Analysis)
    • Product Validation
  • Research & Development services are provided to clients who wish to carry out limited research without long-term commitment of resources and cost.


Quality Control & Quality Assurance

  • Quality Engineering services are offered to clients in one or more of the following categories:
    • Technical solutions to eliminate or reduce product defects during manufacturing processes
    • Development and Installation of the necessary quality assurance procedures
    • Full product and process validation services (Prospective, Concurrent & Retrospective)
  • Structured Problem Solving services are available to clients, who do not require technological or procedural changes, but would like to eliminate Process problems, which impair operational efficiency or generate waste.



  • Training services aimed at clients who wish to train their team members in a specific Management Technique or Methodology. The training courses are tailored to the clients’ needs and conducted on or off site as required. The following courses are currently available:
    • Project Management- A methodical approach to deliver or achieve objectives.
    • SPC (Statistical Process Control) – The use of product or process attributes and/or measurable characteristics to maintain or limit the variations within the predetermined design limits.
    • Problem Solving (Analytical) – A methodical approach to identify the reason or source of a specific problem by evaluating available information and expert data.
    • Problem Solving (Statistical) – The use of product or process attributes and/or measurable characteristics to identify quality problems or inconsistency of processes.
    • Process & Product Validation – A methodical approach to establish documented evidence, which provides a high degree of assurance that, a specific product or process can consistently perform to its predetermined specification and quality attributes.
    • FMEA (Failure Mode Effect Analysis) – A risk evaluation method, which can be used on both designs and production processes.

Company Information

Based in the South West of England, Equinox Technical Solutions Ltd. specialises in the provision and the implementation of bespoke Technical & Management solutions for a range of industries.

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Committed to working with state-of-the-art technologies and proven management techniques, we provide total solutions to clients who wish to Reduce Operating and/or Product Cost, Enhance Productivity and/or Quality.

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With an emphasis on Technological & Analytical solutions, our methodology is based on the analysis and strengthening of the three main elements and the links between them.

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