Mission Statement

To enhance the competitiveness, through the application of advanced technologies, quality assurance & management techniques.

Our Philosophy

Committed to working with state-of-the-art technologies and proven management techniques, we provide total solutions to clients who wish to improve manufacturing processes, increase capacity, introduce new products, or improve management techniques. The core activities are focused on the delivery of clients’ needs and objectives, through the implementation of appropriate, cost effective, and no frill solutions.

Our approach is to identify and implement techniques, which complement the clients’ business activities in order to yield the highest productivity and efficiency from their existing resources. Whether there is a need to implement a business strategy/project or simply eliminate an operational problem, availability of experienced resources to deliver the right results at the right time and at the right place, would be the key factor in the clients’ decision-making process.

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We believe we can make a difference if your business strategy is to:

  • Reduce Cost (less input for the same output)
  • Improve Productivity (more output for the same input)
  • Enhance Quality
  • Improve Safety
  • Increase Capacity of an existing Product/Service Line(s)
  • Expand your current product lines
  • Start up a new Manufacturing Operation
  • Introduce a New Product/ Service Line
  • Transfer your Technology to another location (nationally and internationally)
  • Train staff on any of the techniques implemented by our services
  • Consult an independent third party as a sounding board on a major capital expenditure


  • Simply would like to temporarily fill a position in your manufacturing operation

Company Information

Based in the South West of England, Equinox Technical Solutions Ltd. specialises in the provision and the implementation of bespoke Technical & Management solutions for a range of industries.

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Services & Benefits

– Project & Interim Management

– Research, Design & Development

– Quality Control & Quality Assurance

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With an emphasis on Technological & Analytical solutions, our methodology is based on the analysis and strengthening of the three main elements and the links between them.

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